Courage by definition is: (also bravery, boldness, fearlessness, mettle, fortitude, or intrepidity) is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

With all the things I’ve done in my life (and there have been a few), I believe “Outside Myself” will be the most courageous! Here’s the thing about courage, it is a decision you make. You can decide to be weak, timid and shy. You can decide to be dishonest, modest or hide and people may never know your name. They may never know you had a story, that you mattered or that you even existed. Courage defy’s all those odds. I defy odds, call me an odd defier…LOL.

But seriously I have courage. I have the courage to look my life in the eye and say Fuck it! I’ve done it, I’ve been there, I’ve lived. And you know what I am stronger for it. I am not going to hide from my story or pretend to be something that I’m not because if it wasn’t for my faults, my falls, my mistakes and wrong turns then where or who would I be? I’m me! This is the skin I was given and I don’t have another to escape in. I can drown in the disasters or swim in the truth. I’ve decided to swim.

“Outside Myself” will dispel all the rumors about me. I’ve heard I’ve got baggage. I laugh, who the hell doesn’t. Show me a perfect person and his name must be Jesus, but who did Jesus hang out with? The sinners, I think we would have been good friends. I can’t wait to do “Outside Myself” because I am finally going to get years of secrets off my chest. I’m finally going to look my mental, physical and emotional molesters in the eyes and say FUCK YOU! Now who’s getting FUCKED? I am so tired of people and their fairy tale renditions of who I am. They can say what they want to about me but one thing will remain the same, I’m a survivor! I never quit and I always win! I wont deny the truth and I have the courage to stand up and say, yes, that was me with no apologies.

I set a limit of 75 seats to this show for a reason, because only people who are supposed to be there will be there. I have done shows where people who hate me come to see me fail. What I learned is that they buy there tickets at the last minute so I am only giving them a small window of opportunity this time. People who love me and honestly want to see me succeed usually buy their tickets first. I pray that theory applies this time. I’m ripping the bandages off and bleeding my heart out in this show. This will be a true display of courage. No turning back now!

“Outside Myself” will include a live band with musical director Dan Larkum on the bass, Brian Larkum on the drums, Brian Riccardi on the keys and Elle Cee as back up vocals. This is going to be so amazing it’s definitely a stretch on my artistic resume. I can’t wait to see it come to life!

Purchase tickets now by clicking on this link:


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