“Outside Myself” Rescheduled

Decisions, decisions…although I have never moved the date of an event we had to make an executive decision last night to post pone Outside Myself Live DVD shoot until Thursday June 28, 2012. There were just so many elements with the live band, vocals, video plus my performance all being crammed into 2 weeks of rehearsal time. The message in this story is very important and needs the correct amount of attention for its delivery. Thank you to my musical director Daniel Larkum for being painfully honest with me and 100% supportive of this project. It means the world to me. The other advantage is there is more time for you to get tickets. This show is going to be life changing! I can’t wait! However, we will still be having a celebration for my birthday at Rec Room Music on Thursday May 31st. Hope to see you there.Image

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