The 3rd Annual Ricky Trendy Xperience!

March 10, 2012 Jami and I went to experience the Ricky Trendy Fashion show at Bill Myers Castle in Branford, CT. It was a great show the designers were amazing my personal favorites were designs by Carmen Veal, Bucky and of course Mr. Trendy. Jenny Boom Boom’s daughter Sasha stole the show modeling Trendy shades – she was fierce. All in all it was a great show and I am happy I went. S/O to Rochelle McCall she was one of my favorites also!!

My ensemble! I liked the dress but I loved my Vince Camuto peep toe platform pumps even more!!!

My ensemble!!

Showstopper, Ms. Sasha - Photo courtesy of Scene Magazine

Sasha is the daughter of Hot 93.7 radio host Jenny Boom Boom. This little girl was so fierce she had her signature walk and everything. She was such a highlight to the show for me.
Me, Ricky Trendy & Jami

Me and Jami with Ricky Trendy the man behind the vision. He is super stylish, shades designed by him. It is a must that I get some ASAP!
Me & Host Tylon Hendricks

Host Tylon Hendricks has been a friend of my since grade school, I am so proud to see him doing his thing. He is blowing up the Atlanta scene now. #starpower

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