Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

68 looks Great on you!!!

My grandmother Nada is the strongest woman I know! When she was only 24 my grandfather / her husband drowned leaving her alone to raise 4 children. She not only survived losing the love of her life but she raised 4 wonderful successful children. My father and my 2 uncles are incredible men who love and support their family. My aunt Renee was a beautiful, sweet woman with one of the biggest heart of anyone I know.
After marrying again she had another child totaling 5 – my Auntie Sonia who also has a huge heart, can cook like my grandma and loves and takes care of her family.

My grandmother is an amazing woman! With 68 years under her belt she is wise and understanding, honest and giving. She fights for what she believes in and has taught me to never give up. She has the strength of 10 men but she can cook like no other woman!! She is the rock in our family. She has an incredible sense of style and lets just say I got my shoe addiction from her. She definitely takes the cake and is the definition of a shopaholic! She is everything wonderful and I am so happy to be her granddaughter. Hopefully she passes her genes along to me so I can age as gracefully as she has. She was born on leap year so we have a joke that she only ages every 4 years and from the looks of it, that’s true because she is stunning!!!

I love you Grandma you are my shining star!!! Happy Birthday


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