Flaws and All…

I will be the first to admit that I am far from perfect. I’m good at what I’m good at and I tend to just ignore the things that I’m not so good at. Today I posted on my FB page that I’m so not interested in politics and apparently some people think that’s horrible. Now I get that we should be aware of what is going on with our country but to me I don’t really even understand what they are talking about half the time. I try to listen but they may as well be speaking in Japanese because that’s what it sounds like to me.

There are a host of things that I’m good at mostly artistic stuff, I am horrible at math unless it’s tracking money. When you start mixing in letters with numbers I get confused. I’m a hands on learner, don’t like sitting in classrooms. And I’m not particularly good with grammar and punctuation – which is horrible because I was an english major. I would always write great papers but get points off for technical stuff. Oh well, I’m just not a “by-the-book” person.

However there are lots of things I am great at. I have a natural sense for business. I am stern in my beliefs. I am very good with my hands, I can take things apart and put them back together easily. Believe it or not I don’t mind manual labor like building things. I am a great cook, have a great sense of style, I can draw, and write. I love history. I am really into facts (that’s probably why I hate politics – I never really know the facts with them). Not into science much. I’m a good teacher, I have patience with kids – as long as they aren’t my own. And overall I believe I am a good person with a giving heart. Yes, I am human and I have flaws but I am honest and open enough to admit it. My mother always said, “honesty is the best policy!”

My girl Beyonce said it best…Love me Flaws and All…


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