The Vagina Monologues – The Power of the P-U-SS-Y

Last night was opening night of The Vagina Monologues. Now I have that Shania Twain song, “I feel like a woman” stuck in my head. Honestly, I do feel more like a woman. I feel empowered and very pro vagina as funny as that may sound. And anyone who knows me knows I am far from being a feminist. Don’t get me wrong I am all woman, very girl ridiculously prissy but not necessarily a ‘woman power’ type of chic. Either way I walked out of the show feeling a like I was powerful, more powerful then I feel naturally. I felt a sense of sisterhood with my cast mates, woman that I’ve just met, and I was proud to be a part of that production.

The Vagina Monologues, is an episodic play written by Eve Ensler which ran at the Off Broadway Westside Theatre after a limited run at AFRICA in 1996. This internationally known has been performed by many celebrities including Oprah, Kandi Burras, Whoopi Goldburg, Jane Fonda and many more. In 1998 the the play was produced by HBO as a television version. And launched V-Day, a global non-profit movement that has raised over $75 million for women’s anti-violence groups through benefits of The Vagina Monologues was contrived from the play.

The show is really a collaboration of women’s stories about their vagina’s. Not just sexual; it’s about menstruation, having babies, transgender’s, rape, masturbation, genital mutilation, orgasms…you name it anything to do with the vagina. It makes you see your vagina as some what of its own being. It opens your mind to how much power it has, as Jay Z would say, the power of the “p-u-ss-y”. I don’t use that word ofter but after doing this show it’s more of a term of endearment.

I have another show tonight and I am so excited. I would say go get tickets but it’s already sold out. It was sold out last night also…go figure. Either way, me and my cast mates are about rock this show again. Eve Ensler is a genius. This work she has created is a movement and I am down for it. If you ever hear about it coming to a theater near you I suggest you check it out. It will enlighten you, to the Power!


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