My Vision for 2012

Welcoming 2012 with open arms! There is so much that By Renee Visions as a company has been able to accomplish in the last two years. Entering year three we are able to look back at all of our victories and failures and evaluate what we can take from each experience and grow. The great thing about failures is that we know what not to do going forward. What’s wonderful about the victories is we devise a structure and have a standard set to follow for our next projects.

One of the main goals for this year is to set up a solid team. It is important that each moving part has a set person turning the wheel. Team work makes the dream work. The next goal is to publish 7 new books, I really want us to be established as a publishing house and the only way to do that is to publish books. This is very important to the growth and credibility of the company. Third I would like to open our new office in Atlanta. I already have the layout and designs in blueprint now all we need is the financial backing to set it up. So everyone keep us in your prayers we are setting out to change some lives and deliver some dreams this year. Year 3 lets go!

As far as personal Shireal Renee goals well, lets just say I really want to make Shireal Renee a brand. I am going to start by doing some small things. First and foremost I will be turning this blog officially into (getting rid of the wordpress). Next I am going to hire a web designer to redesign the Shireal Renee site and the By Renee Visions site. Then I am going to enhance the Shireal Renee experience by making it more visual (details will follow when we are closer to the release). I will be publishing a new novel written by me as well as working on selling my scripts and establishing myself more as an actress. I want a complete 360 on my career this year.

My theme for this year is: “I am not taking No for an answer”!


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