Happy New Year!!!

Vegas Vacation

This year I celebrated New Years in Vegas with my best friend Tena! It was also Tena’s Birthday so it was double the fun! Vegas was an indescribable experience but I am happy that I got to do it with my best friend. We all know that I have to keep the details to myself because, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but lets just say Vegas deserves the name “sin city”. LOL

This year I don’t have a list of resolutions or things I want to do differently or change, all I am really focused on is being a better me overall! I am thankful to see another year of life and I can’t wait to turn up the heat.

Tena I love you girl we have been friends since middle school and I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. You are such a loyal, caring, responsible woman whom I look up to so much. You make me want to be a better woman. You are a role model to me, you take care of business, home, you’re a great mother and I just pray that God continues to bless you. Thank you for dealing with me for all these years. I love you!

Happy Birthday Tena

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