Merry Christmas!

I heard someone the other day say, “Christmas is a child’s holiday.” For a moment I agreed but then I got to thinking, why? In a sense the modernized version of Christmas has become about children. The fantasy that Santa Clause is real, the fact that it promotes them to be good all year so that at the end of the year you are rewarded with as many presents that can fit under the tree. The excitement of waking up and unveiling how many things you actually got off of your wish list; not to mention all the holiday treats like cookies, cakes and spending time with family that you don’t get the luxury of seeing everyday. To a child that is Christmas.

Although the children get all of the perks of Christmas, this holiday is certainly more of an “adult holiday”! It is not until you have actually put the money aside, fought the crowded lines, screamed in traffic, wrapped and hid the gifts, cooked the food, prepared the house, emptied your bank accounts, stressed over their wish list then finally enjoyed the looks on their faces when they ripped open the presents in seconds that took you hours to wrap do you really get the meaning of Christmas – it is the joy of giving.

Even as a child I would get excited to give gifts. I am a great gift giver. I enjoy seeing the look on my loved one’s face when they see that I have been listening to what they said. I love giving gifts so much that it actually brings tears to my eyes when I can surprise someone enough to get a reaction out of them. Being able to give is a bigger gift then actually receiving. It is the love that is behind the gift, the preparation and thought that goes into it that makes it worth wild. That is really what all the fuss is about when Christmas comes along. It’s all about giving, of your money, your love, your time, yourself.

In the last three years I have been self employed. After leaving my corporate job to run By Renee Visions my financial situation has drastically changed. I have had to learn how to give more of myself, my love and my time. For so long I would just throw money at gifts to replace all the time I was spending away from my family and friends. But now that my money is not as long as it use to be I have had to replace it with none monetary things. As much as I have loved learning about spending time I still admit it saddens me to not have the money to do the present giving. My holiday’s have not been as fulfilling. Deep down I feel unsatisfied with the fact that I can not do for my friends and family what I really want.

To make matters worse, yesterday my cousin Shirely passed away from cancer. I would have loved to be able to fly in and be with my family but I am not in a position to do that. I know that money does not solve everything but it definitely opens up the possibilities. God send my love to my family, although I can not be there in the flesh, I am there in spirit. RIP Shirely we love you!

So this year I am going to make sure I work extra hard. Make sure I am extra good and I pray that God blesses me to be able to build my business into a greater financial situation so that I can take care of my family the way my heart desires. That’s all I want for Christmas to be able to give in abundance!! That is my whole list. God help me be the me I see in my dreams. Until next year…Merry Christmas to all from my heart to yours!!


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