Bah Hum Bah…

For some reason I haven’t really been in the Christmas “spirit” this year. I am actually really annoyed that I even have to participate in Christmas at all. This is unusual for me because I generally love Christmas. Giving gifts is one of my ‘things’ I guess. And it’s not that I don’t want to give gifts because I do, it is more like the feeling of Christmas is different.

For one, this is the first Christmas in years that I have been single. My father moved to North Carolina in June so I wont be seeing him. My mother is in South Carolina so I haven’t spent Christmas with her in like 4 years. My family I do have here are not big on the holiday so this year really just seems like BLAHHH. I miss being a kid. My mother is big on holidays so Christmas started in my house the day after Thanksgiving. She would decorate everything inside and out of the house. When you walked in you would smell Christmas. My Aunt Jessie was alive and my Grandmother (now a Jehovah witness) use to celebrate back then so we would go to like 3 different Christmas parties in one day and exchange gifts. I miss those days very much!!!

This year 6 days before Christmas I sit in a non-decorated house, dreading going out into the Christmas traffic and overwhelming crowds to shop. I am so not in the mood (sigh). I wish I could just sleep through Christmas this year and wake up the next day when it is all over. That sounds like the best idea I’ve had all season. But seriously, I think it’s time for me to start my own traditions because I need some holiday cheer. I refuse to be feeling like this next year!

So let me just be thankful to God for life and good health. Signing off…SR


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