The Thick Chronicles: A Body Image Story

Adding another slash to my name…”Director”! “The Thick Chronicles: A Body Image Story” was a vision that came from Tracy Caldwell after performing in the “Vagina Monologues”. After sharing the idea with Alison McMeans, Jami Williams and myself we came on board as co-creators to develop the script and produce the play calling ourselves Brighter Than Before Entertainment as a collective.

Me, Tracy & Alison

This story is about loving yourself and the skin you are in. It teaches that no matter what your body frame everyone has body image issues but beauty comes from the inside and confidence prevails. You will be empowered to love you and find solace in knowing that all people suffer from self image issues. What is unique about the show is the collection of poems, skits and first person accounts are true stories of people’s love/hate relationship with their bodies told through poignant and humorous stories.

There were so many submissions that it was difficult to decide which ones would all fit into a two hour show. But since the concept was so great we decided to also write a book around the show using submissions from people who’s story did not make the stage play. The book will be published by By Renee Visions Publishing House.

Our first run of the show was on August 21st when we showcased a preview of the show at Studio at Billings Forge in Hartford to our close friends, family and people we respect in the community. We got such great feedback that we decided to implement some changes do a casting call for serious actors and run the show again this time open to the public at a bigger location. The second run of “The Thick Chronicles” will be held at Trinity-On-Main in New Britain, CT on Saturday, January 28th @ 7pm and Sunday, January 29th @ 5pm. The goal of the show isn’t just to entertain, but also to inform and empower.

Back drop hand painted by Shanna Tanika Melton
Preview show finale

For more information call (860) 578-2050

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