The Other Side…

Seems like I’ve been sitting on the other side of life…
All my life I have dreamed of being on TV, on stage, in the spotlight. I always said I would own my own business run a successful company, be my own boss. I did that. I’ve performed all over, had a show on TV, a running play ran my own company. But now I find myself sitting on the other side. Today I sat in the audience of a play. I went to see my good friend Alison play Motormouth Mabel in the play “Hairspray”. She was fantastic! I am so happy I was able to support her. But I must say the stage looks different from the other side.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately. Mostly late at night when I come home from work because I have a job again. I had to get a part time job so that I will have the funds to invest into my own company since I wasn’t born into a family of wealth I am building this empire off of hard work, a prayer and a dream. And right now that requires me working for someone else so that one day I can permanently work for myself. Anywho as I watch these movies sometimes I get upset wondering why not me, why not my film, why not my show, why hasn’t my opportunity come along yet. Where did I go wrong? I am not fond of the view from the other side. It just makes me feel like I’m on the wrong side.

Being on this side however just makes me work harder. I know this isn’t the place for me. Granted I will always support my friends and family when they achieve something important to them because if it is important to them it is to me to. All I am saying is that I had a realization of exactly where I am in my life at the moment. And this is not where I want to be, so far away from where I’m going still praying to God and hoping that this isn’t just a dream I have, waiting for my reality to settle in and for my life to make that 360 and put me back on the right side. The side I was born to be on.


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