I Don’t Want It…

I don’t want anything that is not for me. I am so over wishing and hoping for things that are not for me. Sometime I think I get wrapped up in the material things of life. I wish for people in my life that don’t belong that, things I don’t need and when I get them I struggle with making them fit or keeping them around. I’m over it. If it’s not for me God I don’t want it.

Now all I ask is for things that are going to be mine. Relationships that will be completing and fulfilling. Materials that will be a part of building not thrown to the waist side. I want an abundance of what is meant for me not someone else’s baggage. Take the desire for excess out of me and fill me with the desire of growth and plenty. I want to be happy and balanced not falling over stressing over and trying to figure out. Let it all make sense, let the pieces fit. I don’t want it if it was not made for me.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want It…

  1. I too have come to that place. Just wanting to be what God has called me to be and not compromise to fit someone elses expectation of who they think I should be and me excepting them as God has made them. Order my steps Lord…tell me what to wear, when not to swear, how and what to speak, to speak life and not death not just over my life but for the souls that you would have me reach. Speak to me lord for i have now realized that if im not in tune with your voice i am lost in the void. Nobody has ever loved me like you Lord; my faitful friend and Lover. I dont want to pick my mate Lord, send her to me. It is a beautiful place to be shireal renee. You are not alone!

  2. I absolutely love this. It really did hit close to home. Sometimes you don’t realize how often you covet people or things that others have. You dream of having those things for yourself, because on the outside looking in, it all seems surreal. But what works for someone else, may not work for you. It’s truly time to let God be your guide on what is and isn’t right for your situation. I always say, “Leave the trash in the dumpster.”.

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