I Have an Anointing…

I'm Focused!

There is an anointing on my life. I have always felt it. I have always had a direct line of communication with God. I know he is real I am a witness to his word. Sometimes when I move it’s like I don’t have any control over myself I am just being moved by my spirit. I was told to take a walk the other day and I swear I walked about 5 miles and at the end of the walk was a revelation all because I moved by faith.

I’m starting at the beginning again. There is major work God wants me to do in my life. And as a humbled servant. (I say humbled because trust me I am far from perfect and I wasn’t always humble I had to become humbled.) Stripped away of everything I thought I was, everything I thought I had, everything I thought I desired down to the bare necessities to become humble. I found out I am nothing without God. Nothing feels as good, taste as good, is as good as what God has for me.

Finding myself back at the beginning is like being given a new opportunity to get it right this time. In order to do that I have to spend a lot of time in silence. I have to spend a lot of time alone and in prayer. These next couple months are so crucial to the rest of my life it terrify’s me. I don’t want to make any sudden moves. I have to carefully calculate every single thing I do. It is detrimental to my success. I have been given a gift that can change lives, that can touch the untouchable and minister to generations so therefore I must be prepared. I am prepared. Preparing and waiting for God to let me know the next move.


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