I Dream of Love…

I dream of love
I understand that love is not a noun
It is a verb
An action that happens when you care for someone so deeply
Their happiness becomes a part of your progress
I dream of love
Not so much the fairy tale renditions of love
But laugh, cry, scream, shout, jump about love that you can’t sleep without love
I dream of love
Being romanced until I am swept off my feet
My legs dangle in the air of relief that love is real its not a dream
You know what I’m talking about
The real thing
I dream of love
Sunsets, moonlights, long intimate nights
Where we just talk for hours
Get lost in our thoughts
Engage in what each other has been dreaming of
I dream of love
I dream of someone taking my hand when I cross the street
Watching me drift off and fall asleep
Running his fingers through my hair
Writing the definition of a real man
I dream of love
Standing beside me in a church committing to me till the end
Never forsaking the return of affection
Constantly reassuring me of his decision
Never leading me astray of his feeling
I dream of love
Making love like it was magic
Music that orchestrates to our tune
Creating 3 from us two
Building a legacy that only God can do
I dream of love

(c) 2011 Shireal Renee, All rights reserved


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