New Roads…

I made a decision a few months back that I would be leaving Connecticut. I just haven’t decided 100% on the place yet. I went to Atlanta in October to scope it out and I really liked it. I’m just not sure if I liked it because I was visiting or if I liked it because it was the right move to make. Right now anywhere else in the world seems more appealing from where I am currently.

My next option was LA. Now for my career that may seem like the more appropriate option, it is definitely the more risky one. Cali is 3000 miles away from home, I’ve never been there before, I lived on the west coast when I was like 3 years old with my parents but that was in Seattle, WA so not really Cali. However I do have some friends there thanks to my above average network. And of course Hollywood is there. Do I need to be in California to make it? Absolutely not, will it be more attainable there, who knows, will there be more competition there, probably…but I never worry or compare myself to the competition. Will I have to end up there at some point eventually if I want to be a serious actress…ABSOLUTELY!

Option 3…New York City! Now here is the deal with NY. One, I went to film school in NY when I was…lets just say ‘younger’. New York is more of a theater town. However they do shoot a lot of films and there are a ton of television programs that are shot there also. New York is also more real then California. I am a real person. I am not plastic and nipped and tucked like the people in California. Everyone is trying to make it in New York, I guess I can say the same for Cali too. But New York is a hop, skip and a jump away from Connecticut. It is a safe move and I think this time I will be 100% more focused. NY is very expensive but I will be going out there and rooming with a friend who is as focused on her career as I am and it may be an ideal move for now. My scale is really leaning in that direction.

Decision, decisions…

New roads are always a bit scary but fear has never stopped me before and it sure ain’t about to become a part of my decision making process at this point in the game. I am ready to make a change, expand my network to increase my net worth and be the woman I see in my dreams. God has made me very uncomfortable in the current space I am in right now so I know what that means. IT IS TIME TO MOVE. But where too???


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