Closer and Closer

Preview of Wide Open in the Hartford Advocate

With only 2 days left before the show I am filled with mixed emotions. I know I can do it but I am just so nervous because of all of the press that we have gotten this time. Just today an article came out in the Hartford Advocate with a preview of the show, thanks to the fabulous Robert Cooper. The expectation that has been set is so high because we were blessed to get rave reviews on the debut, but now we must live up to those standards and deliver an even better show. I just pray that everything goes according to plan and we woo the audience once more. I claim two sold out shows left with standing ovations! That’s not to much to ask for is it??? LOL.

Wide Open Billboard on 91S

Thanks to our sponsor “The Tavern” we were able to get a billboard on interstate 91S. I almost cried when I saw it! It is amazing to see what God does for you when you just commit to doing what he put you here to do. I am still basking in the moment of everything that is happening. I sware the billboard turned me into a stalker because I was literally driving the highway just to look at it! It is so crazy to see myself up there like that. God is Good ALL THE TIME!

Mock of the billboard.

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