“Wide Open” Preview on Fox 61 Morning Show

Me & Sarah French
It is so exciting that we are getting so much support from the community for the Encore of “Wide Open”. I have to admit it is a bit unbelievealbe. Things are happening so fast I don’t even have time to take it all in. Honestly I try not to think about it all because I just get overwhelmed and nervous that the expectation is so high.

With only 3 days to the show I know that I have to crank it all up into overdrive so that we blow it out the park. Especially because the way it is looking we will be sold out both nights! That is incredible and I just thank God so much because he is responsible for all of this.

On Monday morning I was interviewed by Sarah French on Fox 61 morning show and leading man Tarishi “MIDNIGHT” Shuler was there by my side to perform the preview. I am so happy he was there because I was so nervous and he helped me to keep my composure. Check out our sneak preview below.

If you don’t have your tickets to the show yet make sure you get them now because they are going FAST. You can get them online at www.byreneevisions.com or at our box office NiRo Couture located at 95 Pratt St. Downtown Hartford.


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