Poetz Corner Season 2 Finale

Season Finale Feature Baub

We will be rapping up the Poetz Corner Season 2 at Cloud 9 Lounge on Tuesday November 21, 2010. We had a lot of great times at with this venue. We were able to interview/showcase some incredible talent taping 22 episodes there. We will miss this place like crazy there are definitley some great memories.

This will be the last episode of 2010 and the last episode to be shot at this venue. Come say goodbye to season 2, Cloud 9 and 2010 with us. Lets take out the year with a bang!!!

Our feature to close out the season is Baub. There has been a lot of controversy going on in the CT poets community and he has been in the spinning mix of it we are going to get to the bottom of it all only on Poetz Corner TV!

We will also be revealing the new location, new guest judge and have some Poetz Corner TV giveaways !!! There will be news of the new premiere date and some great news for the future of the show with some powerful collaborations for the new year! Can’t wait to spill the beans!

Here are some photos of the memories we made at Cloud 9 Lounge…

First Feature "Peaches"

Feature Mr. Biggs

The Lovely Ms. Lynnette Johnson

DIVA Ms. Brenda's Child

Poet Chris Basso

Halloween Party

All Night Cypher Feature Chase Davis

All Night Cypher Feature Ru Williams



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