New Day…New Challenges…

Now that I am off the high from yesterday.  It is back to work full force.  I started my fast today so I may also be a little cranky and short for a few days as my body goes through withdrawals from sugar and meat.   But I can do it…I can do anything through Christ.  I am a bit excited to see my new figure that I lost so long ago though, I may have to schedule a photo shoot in honor of breaking my fast…LOL.

I met with a fellow author and now friend of mine Pamela Glasner this morning.  She is writing an article for the Huffington Post and asked to interview me for it.  I was very excited that she even thought of me and very happy that we had a chance to sit down and talk.  It is always wonderful to converse with people of like minds, moving in the same direction as you.  She is a wonderful woman with great energy I can’t wait to read her book “Finding Emmaus” (pronounced “em-AY-us”).

I spoke with the owner of my office building this morning also.  I have to make a decision that I have been dreading and I am not sure I am ready for it yet.  So I just prayed on it and hope that God sends me an answer like he always does because my flesh is pulling me on this one.  I really don’t know what to do.   UGHHHH…

For the remainder of the day I will be in meetings and then I have rehearsal tonight with the entire cast.  The wonderful Robert Cooper will be there taking our cast photos and some rehearsal shots as well.  Robert makes everything look good so I can’t wait to see the shots he gets.   How I have been itching to post more pics in my “Wide Open” photo album on FB.  I am such an FB junkie!

Well, world…I’m off, lots of work to do.  Talk to you soon.

“Sorry Mama I know I promised I wouldn’t change but I would have went insane had I remained the same me!”  ~ Jay-Z


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