God is Moving!

If  God were an artists he would be Picasso – creating abstract beauty that you would have to really pay attention to because every single stroke has a purpose.  His work would be priceless, not even sold, but hung in a museum for all the world to admire but not to be touched.  They would keep his work in a climate controlled room with alarms and cameras at every angle and yes of course guards to protect from mesmerized spectators that try to get to close.  Yes, he would be the greatest!

Today was an amazing day!  When I woke up it started out pretty normal.  In preparation of the show my director Darlene has put me on a strict schedule and has basically cleared my social calender so all am allowed to do is rehearse and run lines…which is OK with me because I want this show to be amazing.  But needless to say being the person I am I get board rather quickly and need to turn my attention to something else at some point in the day.  I have also given up a lot of my extra curricular activities that I would usually entertain myself with because when you are doing an event on this level you have to make sacrifices so that is what I have been doing.  So today my plan was to sit in the house run my lines, take a nap because I have been exhausted and watch my favorite TV show “Desperate Housewives” at 9pm.  That was to be the highlight of my day.  But…”GOD’S PLAN IS ALWAYS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY OWN!”

Instead of what I had carefully mapped out.  Around 3pm I got a phone call from my good friend Erica some people know her as E-Boogie the Hot 93.7 radio personality, she informed me that DJ Buck the manager at Hot 93.7 called her looking for my number.  Hummm, I thought, DJ Buck is looking for me…WoW!

In the middle of this conversation Buck rang in on the other line.  He said, is this Shireal…I said yes, hey Buck how are you?  Great he answered.  Then he said, what are you doing today.  My response was…rehearsing.  He then said will you be able to come down to the radio and be on Urban Voices to talk about your show “Wide Open” that is coming up in November. Now…what do you think was the next thing that came out of my mouth?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!

So here is the deal people, I do PR (public relations) so I had sent Buck a press release a few weeks back just hoping he would consider to fit me in for 10 minutes on the morning show or something so I could say a few words about my play.  But as I said before, God’s plan is ALWAYS better than my own.  Instead, God had me as a guest on Urban Voices a show that runs on not only Hot 93.7 but also on WTIC 1080 am for an uninterrupted full HOUR.  Yes, no commercials just me speaking freely, answering questions and promoting “Wide Open!”

For those of you who don’t believe in God, I suggest you start because he is the head of my life and he always makes it known that he is my number 1 supporter!  I was so excited!  So, by 5pm I was at the station with my cousin, friend and Stage Manager of this production Patrice ready to be interviewed by G-Money (93.7 personality).   The interview was more than I could have ever asked for.  I was touched by the people who called in and all my friends and family who listened in and sent out words of support.  I was floating by the time I got out of there.

If that were not enough.  When I got in the house from the interview my Aunt Jessie’s best friend…(R.I.P Auntie) called me with news that I was in the Sunday paper with a big write up about the show.  Yes, the Hartford Courant!  Then she told me that my Aunt would be so proud of me right now. (tears are rolling down my face as I type this…)

All I have to say is GOD IS MOVING!!!  And I am so happy to be in his favor because I have never felt so blessed in my whole life and I have been blessed my whole life but today God showed out!!!!  He really did and I just have to give him his props!!! All Honor and Praise to GOD, he is the head of my life, if you haven’t already I suggest you make him the head of yours!

See you on November 20th!!!!


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