Pray, Love, Laugh

Wide Open

This is my whole life right now…and that is OK.  Today I rehearsed for most of the day.  By the evening there I was suppose to go to a Halloween party but I was just spent.  I am so exhausted and the work that it takes to prepare to go out would have taken the little bit of energy I had left and drained me…so I decided to be a good girl and stay in.

My director has put me on a strict schedule anyway and party was not on the calendar.  It doesn’t matter anyway because I need to be going over my lines more then anything right now.  This show is in 21 days and that time is going to fly by so fast I don’t even have a second to waste.  I am starting a strict fast on Monday too.  No meat or sweets…only fruits and veggies until the show.  I have to be like really focused and rumor has it that meat affects your focus.  Hummm…not sure how much truth there is in that but, I have to try it because this is a very big deal!

Today my friend Joker asked his girlfriend to marry him.  It made me a tad sad because I am so far away from marriage.  I know I want it but, doesn’t look like it is anywhere near my future right now.  My whole life is my work.  That is not a bad thing it just is what it is.  One thing I know about life, you absolutely can not have everything!  So for now, I chose career over anything.  I will live my life in pursuit of internal happiness and the only way to achieve that is to love God, trust whats in your heart and run after your dreams till the breaks give out and the wheels fall off.

Pray, Love, Laugh…yes I got this from the Julia Roberts movie (Eat, Pray, Love) but I had to make it my own because for now I can not do the Eat thing as freely as I would want to…with the show and all.  But Pray, Love, Laugh and watch how your life gets better.  That is how I am living now, and I am enjoying every moment of it!


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