It’s Happening

As it gets closer to the day of the show I feel myself getting closer to the life that God intended on me living.  Not that I am not living it now but in order to do a show of this magnitude it requires a certain amount of discipline, motivation and faith.  It is absolutely not something that happens over night.

My routine to prepare for this show is as follows.  I am up at 5am for prayer, 6am I go running, 7am light breakfast, 8am shower and dress for the day, 9am BRV work, and 6pm until…rehearsal.  That is Monday thru Friday schedule.  Saturday is a rehearsal day and Sunday is a rehearsal day.  Therefore there is no time for anything but rehearsal!

It is very important that I stick to a schedule and I do the things on my schedule so that when I hit the stage I give it my best performance.  I can’t have people feeling disconnected, I want everyone to know they got their money’s worth.  I want God to use me as an example that with trust in him you can get through anything.  It is all about your relationship with your creator.

So as we get closer, I feel it happening…that dream that I had when I was a child is no longer a dream, it is my life!  And Thank you God for it!


2 thoughts on “It’s Happening

  1. I like that you believe in what you do so deeply and that you’re focused. “Wide Open” is going to be a success. You are the Shiznit! Keep God on your side & you will definitely be with the greats. I believe in you.

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