Is there a reason I grind like I do? Yes, because I have to be the best at everything I do. It is not something personal that has to do with anyone else. It is just a felling that I have always felt. I love working it gives me a sense of purpose. When I am sitting around doing nothing, it is then that I feel worthless.

I keep pushing on because my visions are so clear in front of my face. They are images that can not be erased. God wrote me a story, then told me to live it out. I follow the path even when my human side is filled with doubts. But the spirit in me keeps pushing on. It reminds me that my flesh will die, but my soul will always live on. So even when I struggle, I still do what I have to do.

Everyday is not sunny, sometimes it will rain too. And on those rainy days I thank God for the slow pace. I am only human, I can’t be sprinting everyday. I trust that he knows exactly how much I can take, my mind is stronger than what I think. I continue to surprise myself with what I accomplish day by day. But I know why I am doing it. Because I am chasing my fate.

Never stop loving yourself even when you feel like you don’t want to. God made you special it is a secret between him and you. For whatever reason he wanted me to say this. So I went along with the feeling. You will reach your destination. This journey is only at the beginning. So cherish every single second it is all a part of the plan. I can’t wait to see you at the top. We are going to be really good friends.

Always Loved

Shireal Renee

(This is a re-post from a note I wrote on FB…had to share)

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