SAVE THE DATE 11.20.2010

You ever wake up and wonder how the hell you got to where you were??? Well, that is what I have been experiencing for the last couple of months.  I mean this in a completely positive way too.

I have been working for a long time and paying my dues and now I can see the light shining like never before.  I am definitely not yet where I want to be.  But I am absolutely in love with the journey!

GOD makes his presence known every moment in my life.  Even right now as I post this blog at 4:18am in my 22hr of work I know it is because of him that my eyes haven’t given up on me yet and just shut because they are sick of my forcing them to stay open.

With that I am going to sign off and leave some plugs about my new play debuting at the Wadsworth on November 20th!  Ahhhhh…sometimes you just got to exhale!



Why “Wide Open”???

This play was written based off of a book that documents factual events and experiences in my life.  The production is written by me, about me and performed by me…which leaves me…Wide Open!


“The Things Inside Me”: A Poetic Trip Inside A Young Female Mind will be debuting the play “Wide Open” based off of the TTIM book November 20, 2010 at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Downtown Hartford.

The success of the book inspired a play to be written. The show will star Shireal Renee and will have special guest appearances by some of Hartford’s most incredible talent, Mind Evolution, Ru Williams and Sache’ Ysanne’ will be performing to an intimate fashion showcase by Carmen Veal.

Directed by Darlene “Peaches” Brandon assisted by Tracy Caldwell this show is already set for greatness. Be sure to get your tickets now because this show will sell out. This a red carpet affair so dress to impress.


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