Hartford’s Underground Music Examiner

Shireal Renee - The Hartford Underground Music Examiner Photo by Robert Cooper

I am “Hartford’s Underground Music Examiner.” Now, although that sounds pretty distinguished…LOL, let me explain exactly what an Examiner is…

First, Examiner.com is an international news site that covers everything from major world news, to celebrities and coliseum events. The website is ranked in the top 500 site in the world and has millions of traffic every single day. What makes Examiner.com stand out from other news sites are the “Examiners.”

The creators of Examiner.com realized there was a need for news to be covered all the way down to the town level. Since there are so many interesting things going on all around us everyday that do not make the news, they have selected qualified individuals to take on roles as Examiners going out into their areas and reporting on their subjects of expertise.

Each report is published on Examiner.com for the world to see. So if I were from Canada and I was going to take a trip to Hartford, I could go on Examiner.com and see what is going on in Hartford by checking out what has been written about it.

I as the Examiner becomes somewhat of a critic. Although I hate to use that word, so let’s stick with Examiner. As an Examiner I don’t make judgments, I make assessments. I try to keep my personal opinion out of the equation and really bring to light the energy of the interviewer or the event. I like to paint pictures with my words so if you were not there you can still pretty much see what was going on by my descriptions.

I am really only interested in reporting on the best of the best because when people read about Hartford I want them to know that this city is infested with real raw talent. We are a city of entrepreneurs, innovators and creators. I want the world to know if you sleep on Hartford trust you will be woken up because we are out to put this city on the map. And if you didn’t know, now you know.

So, I am very excited be a part of this journey with you all. I am here to showcase you! I have a list of artists that I will be interviewing coming this July. Some of them include, Ru Williams, C-Stacks, Blazze, and E-Boogie. I am gonna do something I don’t normally do and throw some names out that I am interested in interviewing, V-Ness, Truth, Ralphie O, Prestige, Doc Beats , Oscar Black, Carla Canty and The Legend DJ Showtime. Hartford I am here for you.

If you see me at your event typing away on my BlackBerry – no I’m not on my BBM, I am on my Notepad and I may be writing about you…LOL! Check out some of my recent articles and reviews below. And if you are interested make sure you subscribe to my page. It takes two seconds and it is free.

Turntable Madness

Hot Chocolate Soul


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