(Shoe Crazy) The wonderful world of DESIGNER Shoes…

For all you “shoe freaks” who don’t mind dropping a couple hundred for your obsession I have to let you all know about a fab find that my friend Danielle put me on to.  Now any real shoe fanatic knows there is no price tag you can put on your shoes.  This is why designers like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and  the late, great Alexander McQueen can get away with charging anywhere from $500 and up on a pair of shoes.

Some ask, “Why would anyone spend that type of money on shoes?”  These are obviously people who have never had the luxury of putting their feet in any of these designers’ shoes.  They are more than shoes.  They are artwork.  The craftiness and attention to details make these shoes stand out amongst all the rest.  And to add cherries on top of that cake, “these shoes are sturdy, comfortable and a pleasure to walk in – if I may say so myself.”

Now, realistically some of my fellow shoe addicts just can’t afford to pay that type of money on a shoe…but that is why I am here for you and all the shoe fanatics of the world.  To discover, seek out and find the best shoes, deals and prices for you!

So, now I am proud to present to you a website that will change your life, and take your shoe game to the next level…Our Shoes Box.com .  This website is a dream come true for all you addicts on a budget…(including me…I guess, except I always seem to go over budget…but that’s a different topic…LOL)

All the top shoe designers are on Our Shoe Box.com and the prices are Unbelievable!!!!  I mean these babies have been knocked down like 80% which is unheard of.  I took the liberty of picking out some of my favorites…all of which were under $200…humm…taste like honey.

Check out the site and let me know what you think! Or to view my entire “Shoe Crazy” album check out my Facebook.

Until next time feel free to go “Shoe Crazy”!

— Shireal Renee

Alexander McQueen Legendary Luxury
Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Silver
Manolo Blanhnik Lady Yellow High Strap
Jimmy Choo Exotic Elaphe Rooster and EEl

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