Shoe Crazy…A Written, Photo, Documentary

The hood of my car with all the dress shoes I found in it. (Fun Car Finds Album)

What is “Shoe Crazy”? Well, a good friend of mine Dionne Adessa took a picture of some pink pumps that I wore to a book signing at Cull Books in Bloomfield, CT. When she got home she uploaded the pic on Facebook and tagged me in it. When I saw the pic I was immediately in love. I know that sound ridiculous that I fell in love with a picture of my feet in pink pumps – but it was more than that.

Anyone who knows me knows that shoes are a part of my life. Not just an accessory to protect your feet from the ground, more like a pet to me. I say pet and not family member because I believe I hold my family higher than my love for shoes; so for the sake of argument and deciphering out which cousin we comparing this to on any given day – I will just say I love my shoes like I love my pet (if I had one). By the way I think I should note that I get this from my grandmothers, both of which are the Queens of “shoe craziness”. I will tell you all about that later.

I am calling this, A Written, Photo Documentary, because I will be documenting all the different styles of shoes that I wear to all the events I attend. In my profession I am always hosting an event, at a book signing, premier, debut, etc…you name it. My obsession has convinced my brain that I must have a new pair for each event (I can’t repeat a pair). So when I saw Dionne’s photo I thought, ‘I should document this craziness, I can’t be the only one out here like this.

And guess what…I’m not! I have gotten so much feedback already from fellow shoe addicts that it has inspired me to start going out and reporting on all the new season trends and giving reviews on all the best places to buy shoes, get bargains and where to find the types of shoes for different types of feet.

Immediately after I posted the first album I became friends on FB with a girl named Nichole who said, “I accepted you because you have a love for shoes like me.” She clued me in on a hot website to review there were some great looks on the site so I did a review. You can check it out on my Facebook page along with my entry for the day “Fun Car Finds”, you wont believe what I carry around in my car.

This project is very close to my heart and I am so very excited to present it to you all. This is just the beginning of this journey, the possibilities are endless. I hope that you check out my Shoe Crazy albums I as build the book – “Shoe Crazy – A Written Photo Documentary” to be published by…LOL…By Renee Visions. 😉

I will keep you posted. SMOOCHES!!!

Purchased: ALDO Worn: "The Things Inside Me" Book Release
Designer: Mossimo "You always have to travel with a black pump"...just in case 😉
Available on:; They have some hot designs for bargain prices so feel free to go "Shoe Crazy"

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