I celebrated my birthday on Monday (Memorial Day).   And for the first time I actually feel my age.  All my life when a birthday came I would feel no different from the day before…this year I felt completely different from the moment before, the year, month, day…whatever. I just felt different.

Now that I am looking over my life I realize that I am so far away from where I want to be.  I feel like I am in a race for my dreams – a race against time. I am getting older, they seem to be getting further away.  So I have to sprint now.  There is no more time for BS and games I have to grind like I lost my mind now.

There was also a career landmark made for me this year, instead of going out and having fun I worked and went to the movies alone.  Can you believe that.  I enjoyed working I must admit.  I had to perform at Shashamane Foundation’s Annual Fashion Show.  I did “Becoming Woman” – my signature :))))

Before the Event (Robert Cooper)
The Stage (My Home - by Robert Cooper)

So, this is where I spent my B-Day (On Stage) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am excited about the difference I feel inside of me.  I think my piece “Becoming Woman” says it best.  “I feel like a woman”.  Yes, yes I do and now I have to act like one.

SMOOCHES :))))))

Just Me on my B-Day

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