It’s A Girl!!

I’m posting this announcement without any pictures to post yet, but my best friend Tena is now the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl.  Welcome to the world Ms. Gianna ??? Grant…lol she doesn’t have a middle name yet.  She was born Wednesday May 19, 2010.  May babies are the absolute best.  To bad she missed the Gemini mark but that’s OK she’s still born in my FAV month of May.

In my business world today was a great.  I went down to the Wadsworth in Downtown Hartford with Joe, Kyle, Geannetta, Denise and Olivia to see the portrait of  Joe Young mounted on the lawn of the museum.  It is a really great look for Joe and the Diamond Ruff project.  And as always when with Joe I made some great networks.  I met the people at the Wadsworth, Debbie who is like the Director over there and the PR person Kim.  I am thinking about having the “Wide Open” Show there.  I will have to speak with Debbie about details but if it is not to bad that may be the place.

Now I am in New Haven with Blazze working on the book, “A Pretty Girl’s Bullsh**”.  The first draft is almost complete and I am so excited.  Everything is right on schedule for an August release.  Lets just put the details in God’s hands and we will play our position and have the book ready when it is time for printing.

Life is changing everyday so just ride…don’t complain….Great things are happening, blessings are pouring down and success is “creeping in without a sound”…LOL


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