Something New

I find myself growing as  an  artist, yet still looking for my rhythm as a woman.  When it comes to business and my craft I push myself, explore new ventures, overwhelm myself with projects and continue to see success.  Yet, in my every day basic decisions I find myself trapped.    I am looking back at my life and the world wind that I have endured and the spinning seems to have dropped me back off at a location I have visited before.  The view from the inside out is completely different from the opposite view.  But that’s OK, cause I know what it is time to do…it is time to do “Something New”. (What does that mean?)

In every aspect of my life I have to explore change.  Find peace and serenity.  Does it exist?  I am not sure.  Shall I seek it, I have no choice.

Other new things.  My best friend Tena is due to have her baby on May 13th.  Wow.  how life changes, just…like…that… Her new addition will be a huge something new in my life; but even more her life.  I am happy she had her child before me so I can learn from all she goes through.

So the point is that it is time for something new, a new level in my career, a new move in my ladder of success, a new level of health, a commitment to spiritual growth; Something New 360 degrees.

“It’s been a long, long time coming but I know, change gone come”

It’s Coming…


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