Is the myth about Monday’s really a myth?  Or is it just something that the working class came up with because getting back to work Monday morning always seems like it takes more effort then later on in the week.

No pun intended, I had a typical Monday.  I could not get motivated in the morning.  Got to the office late.  But once I did get there I was on a roll.  Finally got the tickets for the play in the mail.  I will reach out to some people more this week.

Set up Joe for the radio appearance on Hot 93.7.  He did an awesome job plugging the casting call and the benefit dinner. This is such an exciting week I don’t know what to do with myself.  Everything is happening so fast and I am sprinting to keep up.  Although I have not yet seen the financial reward of all this hard work, mentally, socially and educationally I am being drowned in wealth.  This journey is so exciting that I wake up just excited to be me.  I know life gets better than this, but the road to the more exciting things to come is a blast!!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday.


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