Amazing…Jump In

Today… was one of those days when just wake up on the right side of the bed.  Everything pretty much went smoothly.  I got a lot of work done and managed to make a final dicision on somthing very important in my career (Actually 2 things…wink – that’s another story).

Once upon a time when I was still wearing pig tales I had a vision that I could see clear as day.  When I reached out my hand I touched it, and when I took a step forward I was walking in it.  Now today as I continue on that path I am taking a step into deep water and I am so very ready to jump in.

OPEN Cover

Open – pg. 153

“I don’t remember any pain, any fear, any suffering; just that small still vice that said jump in, that light that kept me, and my Father rescuing me.  So now, with this opportunity in front of me, I’m ready to learn how to swim. I accpet your opportunity Lord. Now I’m Open…Ready to Let Life ~N~”

It is like I can not believe today is today, I have to pintch myself to make sure I am awake.  But I am…my eyes are Open and everything is just Amazing.


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