Just when you thought…

Well, I looked up today and it was already April 18th.  “What in the world”, I thought.  How did this month fly by so quickly.  But it is not over yet…

This week has been brutal.  I have been working around the clock trying to get the database launched for StormTech.  The thing that drives me the most crazy about databases is with any computer it just makes you crazy when you make an update and then it changes something else, so you have to work backwards to figure out what you changed.  Any who blah blah blah on that.

Today was my best friend Tena’s baby shower.  It was really nice.  Since she decided not to know the sex of the baby the shower was a Pooh Bear theme.  Believe it or not it was really nice for with all the pastel color for the spring instead of the typical blue and pink all the time.  Tena and Tahlik seemed to enjoy it.  Both of their families were there and everyone had a good time.

This week is going to be so amazingly crazy.  I have so much work to do with the Diamond Ruff Project.  This week is the Benefit Dinner, Casting Call and Investor Meeting.  This is a very big week for Young! Studios and he Diamond Ruff Project.  It is just an honor to be able to be a part of it.  But I must say it is work.  A lot of people say they want to be a part of things all the time.  But when it comes down to putting in the work to do all that is required to get projects like this done on the strong survive.  And sometimes I don’t feel I am so strong, I actually feel pretty weak but somehow God gets me through and I prove once again “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Benefit Dinner and Audition

Just when you thought I could not possibly do anything else, guess what…I am so flippin hard-headed.  I went against better judgment and decided to produce a play on the same day as the Open Auditions at Y0ung! Studios.  So on April 24, 2010 after the Diamond Ruff Movie auditions I will be hustling down to New Britain for the Connecticut debut of Jermaine Smith’s new play “Cookin in Yesterday’s Grease”.

Hosted by E-Boogie
Trinity on Main

So yes, I did it again.  Put myself in an unbelievably complicated situation and taken on much more than I can handle.  But it is OK because one great thing about me is that I work miracles under pressure.  So I know everything will turn out just great.

This week is going to be amazing and a good look for the business.  I hope to see everyone there along for the exciting ride.  I will keep all posted.  Smooches!


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