Me Lately…

Wow, it seems like I have not posted an update in forever. I have to get better at keeping you all up to date with what’s going on with the company. Some really great things have been happening. So I will try to do a brief overview of all that is going on.

So the last post was on January 25th about 2 weeks ago. In that short amount of time I have been keeping myself extremely busy. The first thing was By Renee Visions launched a division to the company that was discussed in our business plan but never implemented. We were waiting for the right time to launch it. As you all know By Renee Visions is a publishing, marketing and public relations firm. The division of the company that specializes in public relations is called, “Red Shoe Exposures”. This week we were able to put it on the map, starting off with a huge project, the “Black Dynamite” movie premiere starring Michael Jai White.

I was blessed to be asked by Joe Young to assist him with public relations for his company Young! Studios. I was honored to be considered for the position but gladly accepted. It has been such a learning experience and great exposure for myself and the company. Three hundred people came out including Sen. Coleman, the State Rep. the Governor and the Mayor.

“Red Shoe Exposures” held it down arranging the complete schedule of Michael Jai the entire time he was here. From the moment he stepped off of the plan we had arranged interviews with him on Fox 61 Stan Simpson Show as well as the Fox 61 morning show. Immediately following we were at Hot 93.7 for the DJ Buck and Nancy show then over to channel 3 for Better Connecticut with Scott Haney a slew of interviews followed including lunch with Alan Laz. Closing up the day with a meet and greet at the Boys and Girls Club and an autograph signing at Buckland Mall. I’m not boasting but I must say I was proud of what we were able to accomplish for the first time with this new division.

So if you are or someone you know is looking for exposure, look for the girls with the Red Shoes…

Me and Michael Jai White

On to more exciting news By Renee Visions has decided to pick up a new author. We will be publishing the work of Blazze Johnson, a very talented rapper out of CT. Blazze came to me with her story and grabbed my heart right away. Her story is truly on of triumph over adversity. It is inspirational and a testimony that all things are possible through faith and trusting in God. So I am excited to announce that coming August 2010 By Renee Visions will be launching, “A Pretty Girl’s Bullsh**” by Blazze Johnson. We will keep you posted on the progress. Also check us out on Facebook for all updates, discussions and videos on the book.

Author Blazze Johnson
Mock of the Cover

Stay tuned more great things are coming soon.

By Renee Visions is on the rise!!!


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