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My life has taken me on a roller coaster ride of a journey; and I am loving every minute of it. I am not saying my life has been perfect and furthermore I am definitely not saying I am perfect…but I am my own perfection. At an early age I found a way to channel my imperfections into acting and writing. I used writing as a tool to create many of my own little worlds and fantasies. And I thank God for it because it has helped me keep my sanity in times when I didn’t think it was possible.

My determination and dedication to my passion pushed me further when a dear friend of mine Carlton D. Bembry encouraged me to start my own publishing company so that I could share my visions with the world. And today through the love of God, my family, true friends and steady believers I find myself in a state of success. I have accomplished something that I have been working my whole life for…and now I want more. It’s the most satisfying thing I have ever experienced. MY BOOK IS OUT!

I once told myself “the definition of success for me is when I hear my words and they are not coming out of mouth”. In the last week that has happened to me more than I can keep count. I still can’t believe it. It has changed my life, when something is not going as planned in my day, I just think…I published my book. Then everything is better. “I published my book”. “I published my book. I did it”. I feel like a child and everyday is Christmas. Funny thing is I got the best Christmas gift yesterday that I have ever gotten in my life. I sold my first book off of my website. I saw the email come through and it stopped me in my tracks. Instantly I was filled with joy. I wish I could give just a little bit of how that made me feel to everyone so they can experience it. It was nice. I still feel high from it.

On December 13th I had an incredible book launch party. Some amazing performers came out to support me. My favorite poets, Mind Evolution, Influence, Peaches, Baub, Tabu, and Constantly. CT’s hottest performers, Ru Williams, Laree Salmon, Life Star, Paso, and Kyle “KayWhy” Young. My girl E-Boogie one of my newest friends did a beautiful job at hosting the event along with the multi-talented Paso, lots of love to Joe Young for taking his time out to do my introduction. DJ Wydow who kept us going through the after party and Kerson and Vanessa for letting me use the magnificent Cloud 9 as the venue. I really felt the love from all of you.

I have to thank my family for always being there to support me my Mom and Aunt Shireat for making a huge investment in my dream, for believing in my vision and never losing faith in me. For my father who always supports me and encourages me to keep going just by looking at the pride in his eyes. For my Uncle Robert who treats me like a daughter and was the first to invest in my dream. My Aunt Sonia who continues to take care of me. Calton D. Bembry for always knowing just what to say and for contributing the cover designs and layouts. Mrs. Crystal for always having my back and getting BRV the Pocket Wireless sponsorship. Street Connfinement Magazine for being supportive and helping me get to the level I am, for being one of the first outlets to let me express myself and trusting in me to take the publication to another level. And to all my good friends who were in attendance and came out in the rain to make sure the event was a success. To you all I am forever grateful.

So now the book is out and the next step…Number 1 best seller! This book is truly a must read! I am not just saying that because I wrote it…lol. It is available for sale on my website By Renee and right now you can pick up a copy at Tru Books 3155 Main Street Hartford. Also check out my website for updates on the progress of the book. My signing tour with Pocket Wireless and the “Wide Open” book tour. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know of all BRV updates, signings, tours, authors and publications.

Never give up on your dreams, anything you believe you can achieve I am a living testament of this. Lot and lots of love Shireal Renee.

And Yes, like I said the wait for the website is over too so don’t forget to check it out.

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