Just A Peek!

The Things Inside Me, is truly a journey. It began as a single poem about how I was feeling. And then developed into; situations I was in, changes I was going through, events that were happening around me and a roller coaster of every emotion imaginable for a young woman to go through in her adolescence until she finally finds herself in the womanhood phase.

The forward opens the book revealing to the reader the emotions that are going on inside this girl. The battle she is having with herself and how she finds the courage to go after her dreams.

The story is written for our times. Written for the person who does not necessarily have the time to sit and read an entire novel. You can pick up this book and according to how your feeling read a section that fits whatever emotion your experiencing at that time. Find yourself developing a personal relationship with me as you see that you are not in this alone, there is always someone out there who can relate to you. This book is true innovation, Poetsology, at its best.

The Things Inside Me, was the first book that was written. I started it when I was around 12 years old. It holds in its binding the first poem I ever wrote; Sleepless Night. I hope that this book can become a tool of guidance and inspiration for people everywhere. 

See ya.

Sleepless Night
Another sleepless night
Can’t seem to keep my eyes tight
Another quiet night
Only the whispers of my fright
I lay here still and wrapped up tight
Keeping my dreams in sight
So you can wonder through them tonight
I lay very still
Listen to every shrill
To come alive so real
So I can feel you
Through another sleepless night

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